The Space Museum

On Thuesday we hade a day of from school so we was at the space museum with Monsieur Wolf and Monsieur Marc Garrigou, it was and great experience, we learned alot and there was also cool things to see and do. But the thing i liked the the most to do was the "Walking on the Moon", and the Imax movie was also very intresting beacuse we learned alot about space but most about Mars and the astronouts. We saw a modell of the robot thats on mars right now in full scale, it was built by teenages from diffrent schools, two parts on it was from lycée saint-exupéry whice is the school we are going to. We also saw a modell of the first space station ''MIR'', it orbited around earth between the 80s to year 2001
The Mars robot
A modell of MIR space station