Our project

So for the last two weeks we been in France we have been working on a project, the project is to make a cylinder "go out" and then another cylinder push that cylinder so the rubber band move to the left then after that the first cylinder goes in again and the second cylinder pull that cylinder back to its starting posision.
The first step was to deside how big the frame should be and then messure up the aluminium bars
Here we saw the aluminium barsto the right lenght.
When we have all the bars in the right lenght we control check to see how it will look.
On this step we put the bars together with screws.
Here we have the componets we will use, the black "thing" to the left is a directional valve and with help of air pressure it push the cylinders out and in.
The green and red buttoms to the right are the start and stop buttoms
This is a picture of the band we are suposed to move, so the first cylinder will "go out" right beside one of the cubes then the other cylinder push the other cylinder so the band moves.
Right now we are waiting for our PLC to arrive and then we have to program it so the cylinders move when we press the start buttom. PLC is shortning for Programmable Logic Controller.