Our weekend

Wednesday (Mercredi) Today was our last day in school for this week because it was a religious holiday so we had no school thursday to sunday. Wendsday night we went to park by the river Garonne, we was really impressed by all the people that was traning to spin their Escrima or fire staffs, one was even playing guitarr. After that we went to the apartment to put on a hoodie or a sweater then we went out again to bought some kebab. Five of us order kebab but Nikolas order falafel, then we took our sodas and sat down, while we was waiting a guy with a guitarr and he started to play and sing for us, he wasent very good but we laught and had a really good time.
Thursday (Jeudi) Thursday morning at 9 am we met Monsuier Catala and he showed us around Toulouse, first we went to the park and after that we walked over the bridge to se three churches, the churces was very big and beautiful. We finish the tour with Monsuier Catala and then went back to the apartment. Later that day Thomas came to our apartment with his car and he drove three of us to his friends apartment and the rest of us took the subway. We hanged out with Thomas and his friends for the rest of that day.
From our day with Catala
Rest of the weekend Friday to sunday we where mostly home watching movies, playing cards watching youtube but we also went to the mall for some shopping of clothes and food. We went too two bars and tried to see a rugby match on the sunday but they closed at 3 pm so we went home again to watch the Sweden vs Denmark hockey match.