First day in Toulouse

We met up in Vasteras 9:15 and after that we took the bus to Arlanda where we took the first flight to Frankfurt. As soon as we landed we had to take two busses to come to the right termnal. From there we had an another two hour flight to come to Toulouse. We had waited for our luggage in Toulouse for 20 minutes when we finally got two out of our six bags. That was still more than we expected beacuse Juan had already told us that it would be this way. We talked to one employed about our missing luggage and he said that it would probebly be in toulouse by tommorow ( sunday) by 10 am.
We where very tired from the flight and beacuse of the missing luggage but that change when saw some of the Frence students Pablo, Bastian, Thomas and Jean-fransois and two of the teachers from the school Alex Catala and Nicolas Wolf. We hadn't seen or talked to the frence stuedents since their last day in Sweden. We shaked hands and said hello to them and Jean-fransois gave us a pizza that he had baked and we also got some coffe from him. After that Alex drived us to our apartment.
We looked around in the apartment and decided who was supposed to sleep where. After that we called Thomas, Bastian and Pablo and we went out to eat kebab. Their favorit kebab place where closed so we took another that was close by. The kebab tasted really good and we all got full up. After that we went back to the to apartment and had a good time.