This Tuesday we had no school but instead we went on a trip with Mark to Andorra which is a small country inbetween France and Spain. The view on the way there and from the city we was in was crazy, one of the best i seen in my life. We arrived there 12'o clock and we was started to get hungry so we went to a resturant and ate. It was a really good buffe and we all got full up from all the food, desert and coffe. After we had ate we wanted to go up in the mountains. Sadly we only had one hour to go up in the mountain so we just saw alittle bit and after that we looked around in the city for another hour. We spread out beacuse everyone wanted to look at diffrent things. 3 o'clock we meet up at the car and drove towards home again. Mark droped us off at a super market 20 min from our apartment beacuse we hadn't had time to buy food so we had to do that fast before heading home.